Ignition Marketing Website Updates

Website Updates & Maintenance

Software, Content, Design, SEO Compliance, Backups, …

If your site is not maintained on a regular schedule, you run the risk of outdated software, irrelevant content, & low SEO listing.

Ignition Marketing & Consulting is a NY based company that speaks with each of our clients continually to ensure website updates are made on a regular basis. Whether your company as an eCommerce site and is continually adding new products or promotions, or if you are a home improvement company that wants to exhibit their latest work, content for website updates are a necessary part of keeping your site fresh and relevant. In addition, we always recommend that our client sites software is maintained and updated to ensure proper operation, as well as the ability to meet the latest requirements for mobile and search engine optimization (SEO).

All our website updates packages also include:

  • Content Review & Feedback For SEO
  • Responsive/Mobile Design Assessment
  • Site Design & User Experience Update Recommendations

Package 1:
CMS Site Software Updates

Quarterly (4x/year) Core CMS & Supporting Software Updates

Ignition Marketing will provide software updates for all core and supporting software for your CMS site (WordPress, Drupal, Joomla) four times (4x) per year to ensure that your site is always at the most current level of security and optimization.

Package Includes:

  • CMS Core Software Updates (4x per year)
  • CMS Support Software Updates (4x per year)
  • Site Replications & Data Backup
  • SEO, Site Design, and User Experience Assessments

$1,200 USD / YR

Purchased Annually (Charged 4x per year)

Package 2:
Website Content Updates

Website updates : blogs, images, and site content.

Ignition Marketing will publish content updates throughout a site including blogs, images, portfolios, etc… Content will be provided by the site owner or designated author. All content will be formatted to match the site design and capabilities.

Package Includes:

  • Content Updates & Formatting
  • Content Copy Review For SEO Optimization
  • Image Resizing For Mobile Optimization
  • SEO, Site Design, and User Experience Assessments

$75 USD / HR

Purchased In 4 HR Blocks

Package 3:
Responsive/Mobile Rebuild

One Site : PC/Tablet/Mobile/Watch?

The requirement for your site to be everywhere and anywhere is no longer something that can be ignored. (test your site for Google Mobile-Friendly) If your site is not mobile-friendly, Google will not display it on search results. At a minimum, your site should be updated annually to be optimized for all current mobile devices.

Package Includes:

  • Responsive/Mobile Re-Design Of Content
  • Content (RE)Formatting Optimization
  • Image Resizing For Mobile Optimization
  • SEO, Site Design, and User Experience Assessments

$2,500+ USD

Price Based On 15 Page Existing Site Upgrade