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Social Media Marketing

How do you connect with customers? Prospects? Media?

Social media marketing channels allow individuals and businesses to interact with one another and build relationships, brand identity, and demand. It is all about the content and the discussion. This interaction provide consumers with a more personal connection with a company and a brand. Complementing traditional methods of outbound marketing and advertising, social marketing is a must for any business to remain competitive.

Increase your followers on Facebook and Twitter

Expand your business connections on LinkedIn

Get visible and found on Pinterest and Instagram

Don’t spend your valuable time experimenting with “free trial” social media marketing products that make unrealistic promises of “quick and easy”. As a business owner, you have confidence in your expertise, so do we. Our philosophy of keeping focused on selecting the most applicable actions from our catalog of social media marketing services allows us to quickly differentiate between “need to have” and “wish list” objectives. In many cases, a business may just need to have the basics created so that they can open for business, while other businesses are at a complicated growth stage and require auxiliary resources to get to the next level. We develop social media marketing plans in stages, to execute on the critical items first, always keeping an eye on the long term goals.


Businesses can easily be overwhelmed by the never ending “opportunities” to connect with prospective customers. It takes focus and prioritization of resources to ensure a maximum return on investment; both financial and time. Regardless of the scope of the project; websites, social media, local promotion, direct marketing, telemarketing, etc… Ignition Marketing & Consulting takes a simple four phase approach in enabling our clients to maximize marketing efforts:


Rarely is there simply one profile of the ideal target customer. Additionally, rarely is there one trigger point that causes a prospective customer to engage with your business. Developing multiple ideal profiles of target customer segments ensures that messaging is 100% relevant to each target segment.


To maximize engagement with each of the target segments, alignment of messaging and marketing tactics is mapped out across ideal channels of communications.


Integrating selected offline and online marketing tactics, Ignition Marketing and our partners can execute on the simplest or most complex of marketing plans including digital marketing, customer communications, print and promotional advertising, public relations, and more.


The most critical component of any marketing effort is to measure your results and make adjustments as needed. Simple activities like connecting with new customers and asking them what they like about your company, your product, and why they made the decision to purchase or work with you can provide great insight into what parts of your marketing effort is working and what needs to be changed.